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Assisted Living Las Vegas

Redefining Assisted Living in Las Vegas


Assisted Living Facilities Redefined

Tender Loving Care Senior Residence is re defining Assisted Living by refocusing families beyond the luxury hotel amenities to instead focus on the “Assisted Care” and services our loved ones actually need and are paying for.

Unfortunately it is much harder to write about and sell the services, amount and degree of care, caring, and continuity in the care that anyone individual or care team is providing. While it is more difficult to describe, quantify, and sell we believe caring, relationship building, and continuity of care are exactly what family’s want and are looking for when they need an assisted care setting. While there are many names for various care settings in fact they all offer the same thing – CARE. While it is not easy and is difficult to automate comparing who you are getting socially, emotionally, interpersonally we believe that is what is needed.


Comparing Assisted Living Administrators and Staff

While there is no one to one, direct way, to compare how motivated a team of care givers including the management and administrator or problem solvers are on any one care team we believe that should be the focus for all when choosing a care setting and more importantly a care team who can and will be passionate and sensitive to your loved ones physical and emotional health.

Highly Trained Senior Care Staff & Management team

We have a broadly trained staff and management team who have advanced medical training. While advanced medical training is not required in most Assisted Living Administrators or supervisors we believe that is a value added service too look for when looking for a care setting for a loved one in the last chapter of life. Our administrator is a beltca certified administrator but also is a medical doctor and our day to day supervisor is an RN. Our broadly trained caregivers and medication techs allow us to provide all levels of physical and cognitive care including Dementia, Memory, and Alzheimer's Care, and Hospice Care when needed as residents live the last chapter of life.

Family style residential care setting & unique heath care team allow you to age in place!

We focus on 10 Residents, and strive to provide a family like environment in a familiar single family, less-institutional, residential care home for our residents and their families. We provide a high level of continuity of care that allows most residents to remain with us or to age in place through all of the hurdles that accompany aging.

Senior Assisted Care Services

Emphasis on assisted care staff and caregiver communication

Our team is unique in the amount of direct communication from our owners, administrators and managers to each individual caregiver on our staff. Our small, family style management allows us to know each caregiver, their families, at a more social level. That continuity of care within our own team helps us provide a deeper sense of family than teams that are less connected from top management down to the day to day caregivers.

Broad Caregiver and personal care aide training

Our staff ratio, broad training, family style care and management, and modified single family home allow our residents more flexibility, control, and independence, and choice while providing the assistance the resident wants, when they need it.

Family Owned & Operated – by MD specializing in geriatrics and Rn with 15yrs of senior care experience

Owned and operated by a Medical Doctor and Registered Nurse, who are also brother and sister, helps to make you and your loved ones feel like you are at home and part of the family.

Meet our care team

Call for a tour today and meet our owner, administrator the doctor and nurse, and care team on the tour. By meeting the owner, administrator, and managers you can get an unique view of the passion and values they have and look for and pass on to the direct care staff they hire, supervise and direct in the care of your loved one.

Golden rule of Assisted Living

Before you make this expensive, socially difficult, choice of an Assisted Living care setting we suggest you meet the management and administration and direct care team the management has trained, chosen, and supervises to provide the Assisted Services to your loved one

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Tips to consider when choosing Assisted Living Facilities and Residential Care Homes

Assisted Living and Residential Care Regulations.

When choosing Assisted Living, Assisted Living Facilities, or Residential Care Homes and Residential Care Homes with Dementia Care endorsements it is important to recognize both are regulated under the same rules. Be sure to check out both Assisted Living and Residential Care to see if you prefer the big, flashy, hotel style of Assisted Living or the smaller, more personal, home setting of a residential care home before you decide where to spend the last chapter of your life.

HCQC State Licensing web site

Assisted Living Care and Services

Remember you are buying a service more than renting a room and need to meet the individuals who will provide the assisted care and problem solving you are contracting for. When looking for any senior care setting be sure to focus more on the care team than the physical setting or setting label. We strongly suggest you meet the captain of the care team or individual administrator and the individuals that make up their care team in any assisted care setting you look at.

Golden Rule in choosing any Assisted Living or Residential Care Setting.

Assisted Living Resources.

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Hcqc State licensing for Assisted Living and Residential Care homes

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