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Residential Care Homes in Las Vegas: Tips to Make the Transition Easier

Shifting to a residential care in Las Vegas is not only a new experience all together, but also requires a few adjustments in a new living environment. You meet new people, live with them, and in most cases, are being introduced to some alien activities. All these factors may bring a sense of anxiety or stress in the beginning. However, there are few tips that can help you make the transition a lot easier. Give a Touch of Homeliness to Your Room Decorating your new room in a residential care home will bring you a sense of familiarity, making it look more like home. You can put your favorite family photos, or anything else you are emotionally attached to, and create a space to keep your most cherished possessions such as an armchair, a book, etc. Pack your Luggage Well in Advance You may not like to leave your favorite things behind when moving to any residential care facility. Do not accentuate your stress level with last minute packing. It is better to make a list of things you would like to take along and the things you want to discard. Interact as Much As You Can Socializing is another key tip to help you make the transition easy. You may like to live in solitude—all to yourself—inside the room, but you’ll feel more comfortable if you get out and interact with other residents, participate in activities, and explore the amenities. Everyone react differently to changes, so give yourself a break. You may feel lonely in the beginning but you will feel better with time. However, if you feel that it is taking longer than you think it should have taken you to adjust, try talking your heart out to your family members, a dear friend or a therapist. Thanks for remembering to Like and Share Dr Shawn McGivney

How to Choose a Las Vegas Assisted Living Facility

Your needs and expectations from an assisted living facility in Las Vegas depend on your situation and requirements. Considering the number of options, it becomes difficult to select the right assisted living facility for your dear ones. In this post, we have compiled the top elements that you need to look for when assessing Las Vegas assisted living facility. The final decision of when and where to move depends upon you and your dear one. Hence, consider each factor that is significant to both of you. Here’s what you need to keep in mind - Know the Peers Irrespective of the type of facility you consider, you want to make sure your dear ones gel up with peers and feel comfortable in the community. When visiting any such facility, talk with its residents to find out their views about the facility. Apart from that, find answers to basic questions such as – Does the facility have experienced and friendly staff members? Is the surrounding clean and safe? Sample a meal if possible and focus on the cleanliness. Size and Location There is no ideal size for an assisted living facility, therefore whether you like a small or large setting is solely your discretion. Ask your dear one if they are comfortable with compact apartment-style living, or want a better option. Location is another important factor. Some facilities are located in the heart of the city whereas others are located far off in the suburb areas. Select the one that meets your needs. Amenities and Recreational Activities Does the facility cater to your favorite hobbies and interests? What provision does the facility has for recreational activities? What types of facilities do they offer? Make sure that they provide basic as well as luxurious facilities. Final Thoughts In addition, there can be myriad other aspects to evaluate a right Las Vegas Assisted living facility. Know what your dear ones want and explore your options well in order to make a right pick. Want to share any experience related to assisted living facility in Las Vegas? Mention in the comment section. Thanks for remembering to Like and Share Dr Shawn McGivney

6 Ways to Cut the Cost of Senior Living in Las Vegas

Taking care of an elderly can be physically challenging, emotionally strenuous, and expensive, too, especially when a senior requires skilled nursing, dementia care, or any other specialized assistance. Finding an affordable assisted living facility is always a distant dream for those who pay for senior care out of their pocket as they earn “too much” to qualify for Medicaid. However, there is still a ray of hope. You can work around different strategies to find a quality senior care as per your budget. This write-up shares six simple ways to navigate your way through this seemingly impossible maze. 1. Plan and Do Your Homework In Advance Give yourself and your dear one enough time to evaluate all viable providers of senior assisted care services, before making the final pick. If you have a specific facility in mind, it is still advisable to conduct a comprehensive online research to be sure about the quality of their services. 2. Make Your First Selection the Final One Changing facilities frequently may cost heavy on your pocket. In order to avoid this, put some extra time and effort in your research; visit the shortlisted facilities a couple of times, check their license, talk to their residents, consult a local care ombudsman, and hire an attorney to review the contract. 3. Negotiate the Offer Some assisted living facilities offer flexibility in the charges. Hence, consider asking whether the facility you choose is willing to negotiate the monthly price or add more services to the package at the same price. 4. Look in Multiple Locations The cost of assisted living facilities varies from place to place. For instance, facilities located in suburbs or outlying communities usually charge less than those in the heart of a town. Therefore, look outside your neighborhood. 5. Consider the Option of Sharing A shared space is way more economic than a single room. Compare the costs of shared and personal room and then choose accordingly. 6. Avail Veterans Benefits In case your loved-one who needs assisted care has served in a US armed force, they are eligible for the benefits as per the standard set by the Department of Veteran Affairs to minimize the cost of senior assisted care services for veterans. Making the decision to send a loved one to a facility dedicated to senior living in Las Vegas can be difficult, but a thorough research can assure you of their care and safety, and thus would help you to go ahead with the move. Feel free to share more strategies to cut down on the cost of senior assisted care—share your suggestions in the comments sections. Thanks for remembering to Like and Share  Dr Shawn McGivney

Assisted Living for seniors: An Affordable Solution for Senior Care

When it comes to taking care of elderly people, there is no one-size-fits- all solution, as their needs can be exceedingly different. This is where assisted care facilities promise a cost-effective way out. However, there is a common misconception about these facilities, which may prevent you from considering the option. Assisted living for seniors is expensive: A myth The cost of assisted living is a matter of concern for many families, especially the ones already facing financial crunch. First of all, the cost of assisted living varies, depending on the senior’s needs and preferences. However, before coming to any conclusion on the charges of these facilities, you must first consider federal assistance. Many senior citizens qualify for government subsidies through Medicaid and other such provisions. The provisions, however, may vary from state to state, and therefore, it is important to find out the options available in your state. Affordable assisted living: Comprehensive senior care Some people prefer larger facilities whereas some look for a facility that offers a cozy feel; however, regardless of the size of the facility, every facility offering assisted living for senior offers cares for every resident. Some of the perks of such facilities include: Timely care Daily assistance Healthy food Recreational activities Emergency provisions Trained staff Luxurious amenities Hygienic surrounding Though there is no doubt that assisted care facilities offer a great solution for affordable assisted living, you need to be very careful when making your pick. Keep in mind that you are buying a service more than renting a luxurious room, and that your loved ones are going to spend significant days of their life in that facility. Thus, be completely sure before signing on the dotted line. Thanks for remembering to Like and Share Dr Shawn McGivney

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