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Good Bye Nursing Homes, Say Hello to Fun & Care Homes: Part 2

In today’s time, one of the biggest challenges for any recreational therapist lies in matching the correct activity to every resident's individual physical and intellectual capabilities. Recreational therapists should also work meticulously with their nursing staff to select an activity that will be most advantageous for the necessities of each individual resident. Activities could be done individually or in groups if a particular activity is suitable for some inhabitants. The following lists include an extensive range of physical activities that are designed by our personal care services experts to promote both physical as well as mental health.   Exercises This might consist of gentle calisthenics that are altered to the residents' physical competencies. Bouncing, tossing and kicking beach balls also offer physical activity along with mental stimulation. For instance, wheelchair-bound residents may still be capable of using their arms to simulate actions like rolling a bowling ball or swinging a baseball bat.   Stretching/Resistance Training These activities every so often include having inhabitants use large elastic bands to aid them to stretch, tone and reinforce their arms and legs. This can make a nice morning activity to help revitalize the residents.   Sensory Stimulation These activities are more appropriate for bed-bound residents with weakened cognitive skills, and may include aromatherapy, audio stimulation like listening to nature sounds CDs, or tactile therapies that consist of having a resident use his or her fingers to sense textures ranging from soft to rough.   Pet Therapy This activity offers an inordinate opportunity for trained volunteers to get certified therapy pets into the capability for the people to interact with. Holding a guinea pig or petting a dog or cat could also be very therapeutic for animal lovers, and might even draw some more reserved inhabitants out of their shells.   Gardening This activity is seeing resurgence in admiration. Some residents might also enjoy growing herbs in a window garden or planting flowers in pots. Although a lot of nursing home residents are no longer adept of completely tending a traditional vegetable or flower garden on alone, some amenities do maintain gardens where helpers assist the residents by working along with them or working under their directions. At the least, this activity gives residents fresh air, the sunshine and mental encouragement that is very much necessary to keep tediousness and depression at bay.   On the Whole Despite the fact a recreational therapist has to modify activities to each resident's competences, it's essential to get the residents' feedback about what they would like to do. It's no secret that individuals are more inclined to take part in happenings that match their interests, plus you never know where the subsequent great activity idea will come from.

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Good Bye Nursing Homes, Say Hello to Fun & Care Homes: Part 1

Gone are the days when old age people went to nursing homes and did nothing because these days there are residential care homes that offer some assisted living facilities to make their lives a lot more happening. Providing nursing home residents with exciting activities is a crucial part of improving their way of life. Below are the ideas for the kind of activities that will meet the ever-changing needs of the people in their care. Social Activities   Resident Playing Cards These activities are intended to keep residents engaged and entertained, however, many provide physical and mental benefits as well.   Birthday Parties There are lots of opportunities for activities here. Some people might like to take part in beautifying a room for a fellow inhabitant's party. Others may like to help bake a yummy cake. The party could be set up as a private affair for the resident and his or her family, or it could include fellow residents in accordance with the birthday honoree's preferences.   Ice Cream Socials This is always a hit with people. You will need chocolate and vanilla ice cream, along with favorite toppings like hot fudge, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream, and perhaps a few extras such as sprinkles, crushed Oreos, peanuts and cherries. People can select their favorites to make a delicious sundae.   Tailgate Parties Weather permitting, cordon off a segment of the parking lot and hire staff or volunteers to park their cars together and then set up a cooking area to grill brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Furthermore, set up tables where people can eat, and bring everybody back inside to the day room to watch a movie on TV.   Holiday Programs Some ideas consist of holding a Labor Day picnic and inviting residents' friends and families, offering Halloween trick-or-treating so kids from the surrounding community could go from room to room gathering treats, as well as hold a Christmas decorating party to trim the tree. You can also consider holding a New Year's Eve celebration, even though many facilities have their party in the afternoon or early evening instead of keep residents up until midnight.   Musical Events Consider group sing-alongs with songs from several decades. Ask residents about their favored songs and make a playlist. Invite choir groups or musicians for performances. Take everyone on a field trip to show. Board Games and Cards   Residents can be grouped as per their cognitive abilities to play games at numerous levels, from Candyland to Yahtzee to poker and much more. Bingo is immensely prevalent with residents, and they can play it for small treats and prizes. To be continued…

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