Tender Loving Care Senior Residence (TLCSR) is owned and operated by Dr. Shawn McGivney and Kerry McGivney RN, brother & sister. They have extensive professional medical experience in many different health care settings, as a Medical Doctor (MD) and a Registered Nurse (RN).   Over the last decade, both have witnessed a drastic change in the health care system, which now provides less service and continuity of care. Most healthcare today is “quick care” or “urgent care” and almost by definition offers less continuity of care. For example, you might see a different doctor, nurse, or caregiver each time. Communication between patient, families and health care providers has seemingly disappeared. Health care has become disjointed and segmented.   Both Shawn and Kerry have experienced the frustrations of the health care system not only professionally, interacting with patients, families and other providers, but also personally as direct family caregivers taking care of their own mother after her stroke and father who had Dementia. Even with all of their medical experience, it was difficult to communicate, gather information and coordinate care for their mother & father. They opined that if they had difficulty understanding insurance coverage, what to get and where, and had difficulty communicating and interacting with the health system, they imagined it might be even more difficult for non-medical professionals, seniors and their families. Their experiences, as medical professionals and caregivers fuels their passion for senior care & inspired them to open Tender Loving Care Senior Residence to assist seniors & their families during stressful & challenging times.   At Tender Loving Care Senior Residence (TLCSR) they are able to be “Hands On” with the care of each resident and provide a “High Level of Communication” about what’s going on with family and loved ones. Unlike other care options, like PCA’ companies, Assisted livings or Nursing homes who have a lot of staff turnover, Kerry & Shawn realize the importance of having a consistent, broadly trained staff who are supported by the owner & administer which minimizes staff turnover at TLCSR. Our staff are highly valued and cared for by the management of TLCSR and therefore take great pride in providing the highest quality of care to our residents.
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