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Dr. Shawn McGivney, MD, RFA Dr. Shawn McGivney has more than two decades of experience of working as an Internist and Geriatrician in many senior care settings, hospitals, inpatient rehab and home care facilities. He is a BELTCA certified administrator and serves as a medical director for TLCSR. He sends frequent updates to the family members about the residents’ health and assists the residents and families by providing answers to their questions. He uses his medical expertise and experience to provide the finest senior assisted care in Las Vegas.

Outings to familiar places are great Dementia care and therapy.

Dementia Care

Dementia care is a very complex service to find. Many initially focus on the physical needs for a private room, meals,  However, they also need to consider the emotional and behavioral care needs.  Indeed, it is the emotional and behavioral health care needs that make the Individual with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease feel fufilled.

What are Behavioral and Emotional Care Skills?

These are skills an individual care giver develops over a long time and include interpersonal skills combined with patience, an understanding of the many overlapping process that affect a person with Dementia, and broad-based training for the many overlapping mental health issues that accompany the primary Dementia. When a Dementia patient lacks insight and judgement it is difficult to reason with them.  Therefore,  education and reasoning have a reduced effect. Indeed, often the memory loss is accompanied by mild forms of paranoia and delusions which can be worsened with attempts to reason with a person who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Therefore, a trained caregiver needs to recognize the many forms of the illnesses and various behavioral issue that result.

Redirection is a common Behavioral Therapy used in Dementia Therapy

When a person with Memory loss and Behavioral disorders is confronted with facts and gets even more agitated.  That is a time when the caregiver needs to step back and try to calm them. They need to let the patient be right and try to diffuse the situation by re directing them to another topic that is not triggering this exaggerated behavior.  This is not easy and is an art.  It takes decades of training, and a lot of patience to pull off.  When the caregiver is executing this therapy, they do so with a calm voice in a slow comforting cadence.  If you can find caregivers with those skills the Dementia patient will use less medication and be more independent in that structured setting where the caregivers are the therapy.

Dementia trained caregivers are the therapy

While doctors often reach for more pills and anti-psychotic medications they often do so because the various care settings lack caregivers with advanced Dementia Training. Behavioral therapy is easy to say but practically very difficult to do.  While many families look for private rooms, nice lobby, they often times don’t take time to meet those caregivers who are the therapy.   We suggest families make time to meet the individual caregivers who they are indirectly hiring when they move into any Memory care setting. Management with medical & professional Dementia treatment experience helps raise the standards for the staff they hire and the care that is provided. Many are surprised that administrators of Memory Care Units are not required to have any professional medical Dementia Treatment experience. They many have more administrative training which leaves a void in any added intra facility training they can provide their staff.  Management having Alzheimer’s treatment and behavioral management training is a value-added area family members need to look for before making this difficult and expensive care choice.

Summary – Get Dementia Care help now

When a loved one needs more Dementia Care than he family can provide at home including awake care at night  you want to look for the best trained and experienced caregivers and management in any Alzheimer’s Dementia Facility.  Choosing the right care setting is difficult.  Make time to meet the individuals who you are hiring when you choose any Alzheimer’s Dementia Care or Memory Care Facility.  Author Shawn McGivney MD, RFA  
Assisted Living Improved

Assisted Living Improved

With the adjustment in the economy, the facts of senior treatment additionally change. In future, Assisted Living might have a new face completely, as well as we could witness an adjustment in the housing fads. It might not come as a shock that senior as well as assisted living choices will certainly alter in action to socioeconomic problems. The rise in the expense of assisted living might lead some family members to look for house care and also multi-generational real estate instead of extra pricey treatment alternatives. Those who do choose assisted living will certainly locate a wide range of offerings in brand-new, booming areas like eco-friendly housing as well as supposed “wise residences,” as well as increased services at more standard assisted living communities.
The Decline of the Assisted Living Facility Version of Care
In a city like Las Vegas, where all the high-end is offered, growing number of people have been choosing elderly real estate options, whether it’s independent living, home care or memory treatment. Elements such as the high cost of knowledgeable nursing as well as current cuts to Medicare as well as Medicaid programs have actually sped up the change to individual care services in Las Vegas.
The Increase of Technology-Enhanced Senior Citizen Care
The rising innovation is mosting likely to change senior care. Assisted living in Las Vegas are making use of wise pc systems that keep an eye on drugs and also essential signs to cordless networks that supply mobile support for seniors in care areas. Tus, there are lots of options that guarantee improved wellness as well as quality of life for seniors in such a setting.
More Multigenerational Housing Options
The senior citizens who do not wish to relocate into an area or cannot manage it could have options for an independent way of life. The multigenerational real estate! It is the suggestion that a family will pool their sources as well as either modify their existing the home of fit numerous generations or relocate into a location that’s built to house both young households and older adults.
Assisted Living for the Elderly
Senior co-housing is an additional smart way of getting the most effective of neighborhood living. Co-housing is much more like living in a commune, where old adults live in independent residences but have some shared spaces like yards and entertainment centers to bond with each other. Some also have facilities for common meals and also housekeeping duties. This pattern has been growing over the past years.
Development of Residence Healthcare Industry
More and more elders intend to stay at home for as long as possible. Yet it’s not just enhancements in modern technology as well as civic preparation that are going to assist in aging in place. The growth of home healthcare market is a needed accessory to senior citizens remaining in the house.
Going Environment-friendly
The Environment-friendly Elder real estate offers elders an eco sound area to spend their gold years in tranquility. Eco-friendly building, lighting, and also home appliances not just save cash over time yet likewise are far better for the atmosphere.
Assisted living in Las Vegas is gaining in appeal as well as is seen as future of healthcare. Likewise, several families are choosing personal care solution in Las Vegas for senior.
columbus day with seniors assisted living facilities

Columbus Day 2017

Today is actually a fun time to pause and have a couple of minutes to consider our seniors assisted living facilities. reach out and connect with them. Hang out along with your family’s member preferably. Enjoy the time.
Get in touch with our seniors assisted living facilities
Get in touch with, connect & share this with friends and family, let them recognize you’re considering them. Below at TLC our team emphasize the huge perk of being a relied-on support person along with friends to be a component of the general contentedness to loved ones for our residents
Take a moment to connect with our seniors assisted living facilities this Columbus Day, 10-9-17.
We urge friends and family to contact as well as check out their senior loved one whenever they are able in order to help stay connected. Our team additionally recognizes that lots of friends and families have a lot of various other obligations and may not have the capacity to devote as much time as they like. With the help of all close friends and family members checking out & phoning our team can keep the very best lifestyle possible for each of our locals.
We ask you to share the sense of community our seniors enjoy.
See us online at Tender Loving Care Senior Residence or Tender Loving Care, Costa Brava Memory Care as well as share our neighborhood with others you come in contact with.
Many thanks
  COLUMBUS DAY IN THE UNITED STATES The first Columbus Day celebration took place in 1792, when New York’s Columbian Order–better known as Tammany Hall–held an event to commemorate the historic landing’s 300th anniversary. Taking pride in Columbus’ birthplace and faith, Italian and Catholic communities in various parts of the country began organizing annual religious ceremonies and parades in his honor. In 1892, President Benjamin Harrison issued a proclamation encouraging Americans to mark the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage with patriotic festivities, writing, “On that day let the people, so far as possible, cease from toil and devote themselves to such exercises as may best express honor to the discoverer and their appreciation of the great achievements of the four completed centuries of American life.” In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a national holiday, largely as a result of intense lobbying by the Knights of Columbus, an influential Catholic fraternal benefits organization. Originally observed every October 12, it was fixed to the second Monday in October in 1971.
veteran senior assisted living facilities, salute

Veteran Senior Assisted Living Facilities

At veteran senior assisted living facilities, military veterans and families represent values of community, team and family.
Veteran families and veteran senior assisted living facilities illustrate family values.
We would love to take a second to reflect on the special gifts our senior veterans offer our team on a daily basis. Beyond the standard of freedom the military additionally aids in educating us, households, and also the team around us in life on multi-generational family values. As our company go through day to day life each of us can forget the substantial sacrifice our Veterans and seniors have actually provided as they built life, families and society which we often take for granted. Our team thanks our armed forces, their families, as well as especially our veteran community members, that built our country, community, as well as lifestyle. Many times, folks forget military professionals and their families after they age or are harmed after their years in military service yet at our home our experts wish to make certain to take the time to recognize elderly people which have actually defended our county and the human values that make this nation the best place to live. Our company remember all of them not simply as valued veterans yet also as moms and dads’, grandparents, brothers’ sis, aunts, uncles and dear friends. They also are fantastic role models for everybody of how we all interact on those who went before us. When you socialize with veteran put in the time to thank them for their past examples both in the military and the community. Senior citizens and military veterans teach us and tell us useful lessons daily to collaborate as a family, as well as a nation. Keep in mind all the effort others have actually done to get our team where we are today. The motto of “leave no man behind” is actually a good motto and applies in multi-generational families.
Veteran Senior assisted living facilities care at TLC mirrors the armed forces moto of “leave no man behind”.
While the focus often is on to perform “better” as individuals we are wise to keep in mind, giving thanks to those around our company/extended multi-generational family that came prior to with a call as a lesson we all must accept. If a team member is overburdened with their role as a caregiver consider sharing our site as a resource to help in relieving multi-generational stress on overburdened family care givers while improving the expectation not leave behind of those injured in life across all generations of the extended family. Use this event to show the younger generations the expectation intended to care for others and yourself. Call us to see if we can help your team live up to this moto Contact Us
Assisted Living Suburbs

Assisted Living Suburbs

Demographics suggest that as people age, they tend to stay where they are. the move towards Assisted Living Suburbs is on the rise. Boomers might have moved into the city for a while to feel their oats, go to college or sample the nightlife. But typically, they moved back to the suburbs when they had kids and pretty much stayed there. And now, because boomers are such a big group, the senior population is set to surge.

“I hope I die before I get old”

Boomers are expected to live longer and retire later than earlier generations. But they also have higher rates of chronic disease and don’t have the retirement savings their parents did. Many members of the generation that sang “I hope I die before I get old” have not planned for old age.

Some scary stats

More than one in four households age 55 to 64 has no retirement savings from a 401(k), an IRA or a pension, a recent federal report found. Their median net worth is about $9,000 and 91 percent of them have less than $25,000 in financial assets.

Assisted Living Suburbs, Costs to stay

Retirees who want to stay in the suburbs will have to cover the rising costs of property taxes and utilities and they may have to shell out big sums to retrofit their homes if they become frail or disabled. One study found that it can cost $800 to $1,200 to widen a doorway to accommodate a wheelchair, $1,600 to $3,200 for a ramp, and up to $12,000 for a stair lift. Major remodeling, such as adding first-floor bedrooms or bathrooms, can cost much more. Some will sell their suburban homes and move into hip urban downtown, but they are an affluent, niche market and rare indeed.


The decision to stay and age in place or move is a difficult one, especially given the above-mentioned statistics. One may choose to stay in the suburbs if the home is built for one’s needs or modifications are within one’s means. Others may choose a retirement community. Yet others with special health and mobility needs may require an assisted living option. In any case, while the aged population is on the rise, so are the options for them. State and federal regulations are currently under review and we look for positive changes on the horizon. For the latest on  Assisted Living in the Suburbs, stay tuned in here by liking and sharing.    

Find  Homes in  Assisted Living Suburbs Here

Senior Assisted Living

3 Myths about Senior Assisted Living

Senior assisted living communities empower people to sustain the independence they have come to love while providing convenient access to support, activities, and companionship. Communities work pretty hard to make sure that seniors feel right at home. In spite of the significant benefits of community living, making a choice to move is a tough one for most of the seniors and their families. Listed below are a few common myths about senior assisted living that can help highlight the profits of this living option.  
Community Living Means Losing Your Privacy and Independence
In reality, you get your space without any hassles. Privacy and freedom are entirely maintained by residents and staff when living in a senior assisted living community. A lot of communities provide you with a selection of spacious apartments with various floor plans along with separate entrances. You are free to furnish your space with your furniture as well as personal items. You must also feel at home and completely secure in your environment.
Moving Away From Dear Ones Means No One Would Be Around To Help
In fact, communities have built in safety as well as security measures alongside 24-hour staff. Senior assisted living communities lessen the worry that comes from living alone. Amenities are in place to reply quickly as well as immediately to you in the incident that you necessitate someone to help you.
Moving To a Community Means Bidding Farewell to Your Hobbies
In point of fact, community life typically means that seniors are livelier than they were living alone. Numerous facilities have gardening activities for residents in addition to fitness programs, bingo, cards, and book clubs. Studies have revealed that people who are active as well as engaged are healthier and happier. Wide-ranging activity programs give all people options and selections tailored to their specific needs, desires, and even way of life. These programs lessen the loneliness felt when living alone.
Final Words about Senior Assisted Living
As we age, our lives change every so often in unexpected ways. You don’t necessarily have to be alone in facing these alterations. Senior assisted living is a feasible option and can improve your quality of life empowering you to start living life the way you always wanted to. More on Senior Assisted Living HERE