• How are “Care” and “Caring” different in Assisted Living and Senior Care Settings? How are “Care” and “Caring” different?   Care in Assisted Living might be just the physical act of giving a shower and caring might be something more emotional and personal, that is shared between the two people while that service is provided.  We believe continuity of care and a professional relationship are the main factor that ... Read More
  • Assisted Living Fire News Article. Assisted Living Fire-News Article. This is a good example of an small personal Assisted Living Home in North Carolina.  Notice the picture of the single family residence.  However, many Big, Less Personal, Facilities, Hotels, or Institution also describe their Assisted Living Services as being Home Like.  The confusion and multiple definitions of the phrase Assisted Living ... Read More
  • Big Changes in Home Care in 2013 This article from Syracuse, New York, give us  the ideas of much bigger cost containment changes to come They note that at of Jan 2013 Medicaid will no longer pay per hour for Home Care aides.  That means that the company will have to decide how many hours you need and the government will be off ... Read More
  • Las Vegas Reniew Journal Article “Alzheimer’s Rising Storm” 12 10 12 Comments on LVRJ Article “Alzheimer’s Rising Storm”  12 10 12, section D,  Dont Despair, There are Many Senior Care Alternatives at many price points. While the author notes a “Rising Storm”  and notes one care choice that costs 5K and a second choice to move out of state there are many high quality, small, personal, and COST EFFECTIVE ... Read More
  • NYT ARTICLES ON ASSISTED LIVING VS. HOSPICE: WHO IS IN CHARGE? Read the two articles below and comment. Assisted living vs. Hospice:  Who is in Charge? Click on these links for the two articles from the NYT. Assisted Living VS. Hospice:  Who’s in charge? Managng the Assisted Living VS. Hospice Dilemma. The New York Times is right on the money and we applaud them for discussing this. To be fair we believe ... Read More
  • Discussion of “The Importance of Assisted Living” 11/13/12 Review and Comment on the Article The Importance of Assisted Living Posted July 6th, 2012 by Joseph Stevenson. INTRODUCTION This article is an example of a sales type of publication for Assisted Living Facilities. While it does provide some general comments on Assisted Living, many of the words and ideas may be miss interpreted by those looking ... Read More
  • Discussion of “The Importance of Assisted Living” 10/19/12  “The importance of Assisted Living” Article that ran in While their message appears clear we feel that the meaning of some of the words can be misleading to many who might define the words differently.  When some one says “Available” you assume it is always and easily available.  Most people assume it is what you ... Read More
  • Flexibility and Continuity of Care Required for the “Best Care” in Any Setting 08 21 12 Flexibility – ability to accommodate changes in care needs.  08 21 12 When choosing a care setting you need to consider the fact that your care needs will likely change many times over the next several years.   You will get sick and recover with a net outcome of progressive aging.  Aging, unfortunately is progressive.   We do what we can ... Read More
  • You Define Assisted Living 08 09 12 You Define Assisted Living 08 09 12 We all need to be alert to using a very descriptive way to define words which are general and ill defined to avoid having unmet expectations after we pay for what we consider “Assisted” living services.  Indeed, you may get far less Assistance than you, in your own mind, ... Read More
  • Facebook Launch of Tlcsr Kerry Mcgivney and our Facebook page Tender Loving Care Senior Residence For those bloggers who want to stay up on interesting article and post be sure “friend us” on Facebook Tlcsr Kerry McGivney is our name. Second,  Be sure to “Like” our Tender Loving Care Senior Residence page Spread the News of Our Senior Blog. Visit the Best Assisted Living and Senior Care Alternative In Las Vegas!   Tender Loving ... Read More
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