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  • Residential Care Homes in Las Vegas: A Perfect Option for the Elder Person Residential CareResidential care homes in Las Vegas focus on providing better services to senior citizens that need complete care that make them feel safe and being cared. This program can help family members of elderly person to be able to go work, or have some personal time as they are assured that the senior citizen is ... Read More
  • Basic Tips Concerning Las Vegas Senior Housing Options elder care 2Finding Las Vegas senior housing services that suit your requirements is very easy especially when you know what you need, where to look, and exactly what to find. Senior housing services come in a variety of configurations meant to appeal to a diverse pool of needs. Some people look to check into a senior housing ... Read More
  • Las Vegas Senior Housing: Myths & Reality Aging, for most of us, means adjustments with deteriorating health, which sometimes leaves us requiring round-the-clock assistance from a caregiver. In the US alone, a large number of elderly people require long-term personal care services on a daily basis. Hence, if such is the case, there is no harm in acknowledging that you need the ... Read More
  • Senior Assisted Care Services: All You Need to Know What is an assisted living? How senior assisted care services help? What to expect and how to find one? The post answers all these, and more. Assisted Living Facility: An Introduction Assisted living facility has become a popular long-term care option for seniors, as thousands of individuals are living in hundreds of assisted living facilities in the ... Read More
  • ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE LAS VEGAS: HOW WILL NEW ALZHEIMERS TEST HELP YOU? At-home test may help diagnose Alzheimer’s NEW TEST TO DIAGNOSE ALZHEIMER’S.  4 pg test, with written questions to answer and drawings.   While this article brings up another new tool the doctor can use to prompt himself to ask a wide range of questions in the interview it is not new.   A doctor always uses interview questions coupled ... Read More
  • DEMENTIA CARE: LAS VEGAS DEMENTIA CARE COSTS PROJECTED TO RISE!  Dementia Care Costs will be reflected in the cost of Dementia Care in Las Vegas too.  I wanted to share this NYT article “Dementia Care Cost Is Projected To Double by 2040” by +Pam Belluck. This article is a good description of the aggregate dollar costs spent on Dementia Care and only begins to touch on ... Read More
  • What is Home Care, Home Health Care, In-home care, skilled care and unskilled custodial care? What is Home Care, Home Health Care, In-home care, skilled care and unskilled custodial care? “Home care” is a simple phrase that has varied meanings for different people.  Generally, there are two types of Home Care Services- 1)- Home Health Care services – which are services provided by a licensed professional, like a nurse (RN), Physical ( ... Read More
  • Senior Care Las Vegas, Malpractice suits GUARENTEE you will be hurt! Find Safe Las Vegas Senior Care I came across a very misleading article in Forbes. 10 Things you want to know about medical malpractice. This is written by lawyers who want you to sue.  Their advice builds a law suit during care. That is absolutely not the way to get the best care. That is a way to guarantee you get less ... Read More
  • OUR GOLDEN RULE OUR GOLDEN RULE: The first and most important thing to remember is what we call our Golden Rule: Meet as many of the people who will be providing the actual day to day care as possible. That’s right…. it is so important to meet the actual people who will be responsible for the care or assistance given, ... Read More
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