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  • Good Bye Nursing Homes, Say Hello to Fun & Care Homes: Part 2 Dementia Residential careIn today’s time, one of the biggest challenges for any recreational therapist lies in matching the correct activity to every resident’s individual physical and intellectual capabilities. Recreational therapists should also work meticulously with their nursing staff to select an activity that will be most advantageous for the necessities of each individual resident. Activities could be ... Read More
  • Home Health Care – A Good Option to Access Professional Health Care Services loving elder careThe saying goes “Life is a one-time offer, use it well!” So enjoy every moment and get the best out of it. You deserve to be happy! Stop thinking about the advancing age because nothing is permanent whether it is about success, failures, or health related problems! The elderly are our pillars and we get tensed ... Read More
  • Getting a Better Idea on Home Health Care Residential care homeHome health care is an ideal option for those who want their loved ones get treated and cared at home. Various cases demand in-home care especially when a patient is not in a situation to move to a hospital. Reasons behind it may include severe health and concerns like safety and comfort. No need to ... Read More
  • Explore the Benefits of Assisted Living with Memory Care The battle with Alzheimer or any other problem related to memory loss demands patience, compassion, and care. Family members are entrusted with providing due care to elders; however, being already burdened with professional and other obligations, they are plunged in to seek out solace for their loved ones. These types of conditions require the services ... Read More
  • Residential Care Homes in Las Vegas: Tips to Make the Transition Easier Shifting to a residential care in Las Vegas is not only a new experience all together, but also requires a few adjustments in a new living environment. You meet new people, live with them, and in most cases, are being introduced to some alien activities. All these factors may bring a sense of anxiety or ... Read More
  • What is Home Care, Home Health Care, In-home care, skilled care and unskilled custodial care? What is Home Care, Home Health Care, In-home care, skilled care and unskilled custodial care? “Home care” is a simple phrase that has varied meanings for different people.  Generally, there are two types of Home Care Services- 1)- Home Health Care services – which are services provided by a licensed professional, like a nurse (RN), Physical ( ... Read More
  • High Tech or High Touch to Age in Place? High Tech or High Touch to Age in Place? Will Video chat and online telecommunications really make it possible? When I read the NYT article Choices Give New Meaning to “home Sweet Home” My first reaction was they are missing the main points of what is needed in Senior Care and Aging in Place .  Seniors need interpersonal, human, ... Read More
  • Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Home Care-If they only knew the value of continuity of care! Choosing any care setting, Assisted Living or Nursing Home is difficult not because of the physical plant but because the care is delegated, there is not one responsible person or team and the care team changes every time the care needs change.  Indeed, the hospitalist does not talk to the pcp, the pcp never or ... Read More
  • Hospital and Nursing Home InActivity VS Exercise in Assisted Living Hospital and Nursing Home Inactivity Vs Assisted Living Is Nursing Home rehabbing the best exercise after the hospital or is Assisted Living with structured care and doing daily exercise a comparable choice?  This NYT article raises a good question about activity in the hospital and by extension Nursing Home Rehab where you are on your feet 43 minutes a day.  ... Read More
  • Three Best Ways to Save Lives. Doctors are the Human Element! Three Best ways to save lives!  Doctors are just a distant third!! But doctors are the Human Element and the Factor you need to use your individual Health and life resources! Doctors are third line of life savers to 1) Public Health and sewers and  2) Research and antibiotics.  While Doctors are a  distant 3) over all to ... Read More
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