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  • Assisted Living Caregiver tips and solutions Over view and tip one – accept your feelings. How to balance your own feelings and needs with your duty as a caregiver?   As a household caretaker, you may find yourself dealing with a host of brand-new obligations, many of which are unfamiliar or intimidating. Sometimes, you could feel overwhelmed and alone. However in spite of ... Read More
  • Obama Care and Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. How will Obama care and the disjointed care system that is the hospitalists not knowing your doctor, not calling your doctor, and communicating with the “chart” as if that was an all telling chart will likely continue as impediments to care in Residential Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities until all parties, patients, doctor, society, ... Read More
  • Residential Care Homes: Cost Saving Tips Spending for Elder Care and Healthcare is expensive and can cost $20,000-$40,000 $/ year and many times is socially difficult for the multi-generational household.  We have special views to share with you. Click here for answers starting with Residential Care Homes and Residential Care. Educational video links TLCSRLV youtube Channel.  Subscribe for free. Assisted Living and Residential Care Home ... Read More
  • ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE LAS VEGAS: HOW WILL NEW ALZHEIMERS TEST HELP YOU? At-home test may help diagnose Alzheimer’s NEW TEST TO DIAGNOSE ALZHEIMER’S.  4 pg test, with written questions to answer and drawings.   While this article brings up another new tool the doctor can use to prompt himself to ask a wide range of questions in the interview it is not new.   A doctor always uses interview questions coupled ... Read More
  • Might Assisted Living and Residential Care regulations backfire? New San Francisco Chronicle article by Melody Gutierrez talks about more regulation to fix the Assisted Living and Residential Care Home industry.  While this is a good idea at first glance we need to be careful in asking for things that will reduce senior choice and care options.  If this raises the cost of care ... Read More
  • Which is more home like – Residential Care or Assisted Living? There is much confusion in the name of a case setting.  For example Assisted Living Facility implies this might be a more institutional care setting or facility while a Residential Care Home is more likely a smaller, more personal home with a family style care.  In fact that is generally true.  However, in all cases ... Read More
  • Will Doctor Shortage affect Residential Care and Assisted Living? Interesting article that discusses a possible doctor shortage.  They note that even if everyone gets insurance coverage that raises questions about how the new insurance programs might affect doctors, seniors and the care settings that rely on doctors including Residential Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. The article points out that offering insurance that does not ... Read More
  • Value your Residential Care Home or Assisted Living care team as treatment for chronic disease. Value your Residential Care Home or Assisted Living care team as treatment for chronic disease. Lifestyle is great preventative medicine. If you already have chronic disease Lifestyle alone is much less effective at reversing or making it better. is an interesting article and I imagine Dr Katz book “Disease Proof”  is interesting too.  I just want to ... Read More
  • Las Vegas Getting New Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility with its own shopping mall on the first floor.  My first thoughts when reading this article were that would be great for families who could enjoy the mall and entertainment of the Las Vegas strip while visiting their loved one but then I thought the frail seniors might not get the same benefit if the families spent most of their time shopping and less ... Read More
  • Las Vegas Hospice Service: Learn about the most cost effective hospice.-blog post. Las Vegas Hospice Service: Learn about the most cost effective hospice.-blog post. I just saw a must watch video. Click this link for video:  Learn about the most cost effective hospice   LEARN MORE BY CLICKING THE “SHOW MORE” BUTTON BELOW THE VIDEO. Click the youtube url link above. Then look for and click the “show more” tab in the ... Read More
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