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  • Good Bye Nursing Homes, Say Hello to Fun & Care Homes: Part 1 loving elder careGone are the days when old age people went to nursing homes and did nothing because these days there are residential care homes that offer some assisted living facilities to make their lives a lot more happening. Providing nursing home residents with exciting activities is a crucial part of improving their way of life. Below ... Read More
  • Healthcare Medicine senior thumbs upWhat is missing from Health Care Healthcare Medicine and senior care today?     Read More
  • Las Vegas Getting New Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility with its own shopping mall on the first floor.  My first thoughts when reading this article were that would be great for families who could enjoy the mall and entertainment of the Las Vegas strip while visiting their loved one but then I thought the frail seniors might not get the same benefit if the families spent most of their time shopping and less ... Read More
  • Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Home Care-If they only knew the value of continuity of care! Choosing any care setting, Assisted Living or Nursing Home is difficult not because of the physical plant but because the care is delegated, there is not one responsible person or team and the care team changes every time the care needs change.  Indeed, the hospitalist does not talk to the pcp, the pcp never or ... Read More
  • Hospital and Nursing Home InActivity VS Exercise in Assisted Living Hospital and Nursing Home Inactivity Vs Assisted Living Is Nursing Home rehabbing the best exercise after the hospital or is Assisted Living with structured care and doing daily exercise a comparable choice?  This NYT article raises a good question about activity in the hospital and by extension Nursing Home Rehab where you are on your feet 43 minutes a day.  ... Read More
  • Big Changes in Home Care in 2013 This article from Syracuse, New York, give us  the ideas of much bigger cost containment changes to come They note that at of Jan 2013 Medicaid will no longer pay per hour for Home Care aides.  That means that the company will have to decide how many hours you need and the government will be off ... Read More
  • Introduction to Senior Care Alternative Choices Introduction to Senior Care Alternative Choices In today’s health system we are often lured with the words “quick care” or “urgent care” to describe the type of care we receive. In fact, what we need is continuity of care. Continuity promotes complete care and quality care. Imagine how your experience in health care might be ... Read More
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