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  • Why People Are Going For Retirement Communities in Las Vegas? elder care 1Las Vegas is a beautiful city located in the state of Nevada. People consider it as a favorable city to enjoy their vacations. Las Vegas is also well-thought-out place for a good home for active adult and retirement communities. Most of the retired people consider settling in Las Vegas. The retirement communities for senior citizens ... Read More
  • Why Should You Consider Residential Care Homes over Retirement Communities in Las Vegas Assisted LivingNo need to be surprised with the title of this post as it will make things clear that how in some context choosing residential care gives an advantage over retirement communities. Both residential care homes and retirement communities are viable options that help you raise the quality of the life of your loved ones. You can ... Read More
  • Retirement Communities: The Best Choice for Senior’s to Live Senior Housing, assisted livingWhat Retirement Homes Offer Retirement home locations today are increasingly offering a large number of amenities. As more people observe the advantages of making a move in such communities, they can expect of having years to enjoy and socialize with recreational activities. These homes are attractive as they offer freedom from the responsibilities of home as well ... Read More
  • New Assisted Living and presumably Residential Care Home Screening tool. Just saw this new Assisted Living and Residential Care Home screening/rating tool and wanted to share it with you.  In general, the more tools you can read the more and more focused questions you can ask when you meet the entire care team you are hiring including the administrators, manages, and direct care teams. While this ... Read More
  • HealthCare Blue Book – Does negotiating for the best price impact what you get in life, with your doctor, and Senior Care? HealthCare Blue Book – Does negotiating for the best price impact what you get in life, with your doctor, and Senior Care? We came across this interesting web site HealthCare Blue book and had these questions. Office Visit, New Patient, Level 5 Are you buying a tangible item like a car where the items are designed to ... Read More
  • Flexibility and Continuity of Care Required for the “Best Care” in Any Setting 08 21 12 Flexibility – ability to accommodate changes in care needs.  08 21 12 When choosing a care setting you need to consider the fact that your care needs will likely change many times over the next several years.   You will get sick and recover with a net outcome of progressive aging.  Aging, unfortunately is progressive.   We do what we can ... Read More
  • Introduction to Senior Care Alternative Choices Introduction to Senior Care Alternative Choices In today’s health system we are often lured with the words “quick care” or “urgent care” to describe the type of care we receive. In fact, what we need is continuity of care. Continuity promotes complete care and quality care. Imagine how your experience in health care might be ... Read More
  • What is the Free Senior Care Search Tool? What is the Free Senior Care Search Tool? Read more under the tabs: Free Care Setting Search Tool – Discussion. Be sure to comment and share your stories so we can broaden this discussion for you and others. Share what worked, what did not work, what was frustrating, etc. Thanks, for reading this blog and we look forward ... Read More
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