Care Agencies

Home Care Agencies

Home Care Agencies utilize personal care aides’ who generally have 8-16 hours of classroom training. While the amount of formal training many of these caregivers have may seem minimal, it is important to consider that good caregivers come with qualities that may or may not be learned in the classroom setting. Patience, compassion, communication are a unique set of social skills that set many caregivers apart. Knowledge and experience of basic health issues, medicines and medical equipment are also important skills for a caregiver to possess. Lastly the ability of the caregiver to work as part of the team: working with the MD, RN, PT – following and understanding treatments and orders prescribed by medical professionals, looking and listening for subtle changes in a patients status and being able to clearly communicate those changes or concerns to the MD, RN and family. Unfortunately, many of us have had unpleasant experiences with Home Care Agencies trying to coordinate and help us find those skilled caregivers, often unsuccessfully.
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