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What is missing from Health Care Healthcare Medicine and senior care today?    

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Tender Loving Care Senior Residence is a fully licensed assisted living / residential care home with Alzheimer’s Care endorsement that goes beyond many of care options like assisted living, memory care units, adult day care, home care, and respite care. Those choices tend to be less complete, shorter term, less personal and more expensive.

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on Jun 24,2015

Answer by:

Shawn McGivney

on Aug 19,2015

The thing that is missing is continuity of care especially for those with all chronic illnesses. Many mistakely believe continuity of the chart is the same thing as continuity of care but care and human emotions require a relationship and the chart just does not do it. If you say the chart is better than no chart that is true. But do not think for one second that the chart is any where close to having a doctor who knows you, treats you, refers less, and is willing to say I am the responsible party. Continuity of care is what is needed and preferred. Does anyone agree?
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