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FAQ’S Adult

Adult Day Care FAQ’S

Important questions to ask the adult day care center(s) you are considering;
  • How long has it been operating ?
  • Who owns or sponsors the adult day care center ?
  • Is it licensed or certified? (If required in your country or state)
  • What are the days and hours of operation ?
  • What are the staff’s credentials, and what is the ratio of staff to participants ?
  • Is transportation to and from the adult day care center provided ?
  • Which conditions are accepted (e.g., memory loss, limited mobility, incontinence) ?
  • Are meals and snacks included? Do they accommodate special diets ?
  • What activities are offered? Are there a variety of individual and group programs ?
  • What options are there for increased care when needed ?
  • What happens if there is a medical issue or emergency during the time at the adult day care ? like a fall, or new onset of pain?
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