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Laughter is good Medicine. Find Assisted Living that makes you Laugh!

Laughter is good Medicine even when you need Assisted Living Care.  Laughter  might be better medicine than most pills for treating emotional health, wellbeing and sense of belonging.  We need to laugh with other people so look for Assisted Living Care Settings that Make you Laugh.

COMMEDY QUESTION Let me “make your day” Laughing is great medicine.  If not watch youtubes videos Find Assisted Living places that make you laugh.

Happy-Assisted-Living Happy-Assisted-Living Youtube Comedy Week Link

Test Yourself.  Learning and being involved in day to day chores, life, and TV can be good medicine too.  Look for care Assisted Living Care settings that offer Family Style care where you are involved in care and not hotel style Assisted Living Care Where you are less involved in your own dare. Can you see what is not right with the quote “make your day” and the Arnold video I attached.  Laugh and get the answers at TLCSR - blog     ANSWER: #Clint Eastwood Said “go ahead and make my day” not the #gubernator, #terminator, Arnold schwarzenegger  

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