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Feeling exhausted from looking after an aging father, mother, parent or friend? Assisted Living Caregivers at TLCSR can help.

Caregiving is stress full and can lead to burn out, Assisted Living Caregivers can help.

As caretakers, it is often difficult to admit that we need aid but being a sole caregiver commonly takes a toll causing enhanced tension and often has an unfavorable influence on our own physical and psychological well-being. Professional Assisted Living Caregivers may be your solution.

Caregiving can cost the caregiver their own social contacts which are hard to regain

Furthermore, lots of care givers don't consider that if they give up many of their own emotional connections for many years at a time now to focus on caring for an aging relative they often discount that it might be hard to re link to their own emotional contacts when their job as a care giver is over.   Tender Loving Care might be able to provide the aid you require while improving your connection to the person you love and are caring for. See what others are saying about TLCSR

TLCSR helps burned out families better interact with their loved ones by helping with heavy care and letting the family visit as visitor and not as required caregiver.

The care supplied by TLCSR differ from others. We provide 24 hr supports in a upscale, well maintained single family residence. We also encourage family and friends to visit and allow them to visit in the role of friend while relieving the burden of also being the caregiver.   In addition, our care is focused on the emotional health of each person & their family. Each senior and relative are offered special interest by the medical professional and nurse who manage and run the Residence.   Our caregivers are nurturing, highly trained and focus on proving both physical and emotional care.  Our staff are trained to let residents do as much for themselves as possible to allow them to maintain control over their life choices.   Indeed, the fear seniors and families have in Moving” to a new place is the fear of loss of control and connection.  At TLCSR the families often connect more and in a more favorable way since the staff facilitate connection by taking over the burdensome role of 24 hr care giver.   We provide home like, environment where residents, multi-generational families, and friends feel involved. The support they get at TLCSR enables the friends and family more time to invest with their loved one instead of having to handle all elements of their loved ones complicated care.

TLCSR is a more cost-effective care choice compared to Adult Day Care, Assisted Living, and other care alternatives.

Our services are more cost effective and a better value than a lot of other senior care choices like Senior Assisted Living, custodial home care, Adult Day Care or nursing home. Many come for respite from the stresses of this common life situation and stay for an enriched last 2-5 years of life   Come see our home or call us to learn more on how we can help you enhance the quality of life for you and your loved one and save you cash compared to other elder care options.

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on Aug 23,2017

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