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What is lost in today’s Long Term Care (LTC) and elder care?

Be it in some elder care setting or hospital, there’s lot that’s lost in Long Term Care (LTC) and elder care in today’s time, from lack of personal relationship with doctor and the care team to continuity of care. With over reliance on insurance companies as well as big institutions, the care has become purely commercial, as majority of the decisions being taken by the doctors and care center professionals are directed in accordance with the policies of the insurance company. Moreover, decisions like changing the medial attendants and caregivers are being taken abruptly, which makes it difficult to track who’s who and understand responsibilities of the involved people. In case of elderly falling ill, problem arises when he or she does not get proper care in the elder care setup. Generally people have good relation with a doctor, but he or she might not be eligible to pay a visit to the patient in the hospital or care setting due to the guidelines being practiced in the institution. This system becomes counterproductive because such doctors often have good inter-personal relationship with the patient and maybe able to better understand the patient condition. LTC is a new type of closed system of care, which is somewhat similar to hospitals and large institutional type settings where frequently changing doctors and staff often leads to incoherent and incomplete care. It becomes very difficult to stay current on numerous issues and also achieve the best outcome for an individual's care, which includes his or her emotional health, interaction or support from the family and social system. It is extremely important that people suffering from chronic diseases including Alzheimer's Dementia, mobility, and COPD have a consistent doctor and care team because they all have to work together in order to deliver the best possible care to the patient.

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on Nov 03,2015

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