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Are health care are treating elders right?

Elders, like children, require extra attention and care. Thus, it becomes imperative for families to pay a little more attention to their needs and requirements. Though, there are elder care settings and hospitals that can assist families in taking care of the elderly people, a lot is lost in these elder care today’s. Right from lack of personal relationship with doctor to continuity of care, health cares are not living up to the expectations. One of the major reasons for this under-standard treatment can be attributes to over reliance on insurance companies and other financial institutions. Today, elder care is purely commercial, with majority of the decisions in care centers being taken in accordance with the policies of the insurance company. Furthermore, there have been carious incidents where medial attendants and caregivers have been changed abruptly without any conformation. This practice has made it very difficult to track who’s responsible for care and treatment of elders admitted there. The main problem arises when some of the elderly falls ill because he or she does not get the care in the elder care setup as they deserve. Generally people develop good relation with doctors and medical staff overtime, but changing them abruptly cuts the emotional cord that’s very necessary in such cases. Also, it happens that an elderly had a good inter-personal relationship with a doctor outside the health care before being admitted to the center. But, due to work ethics being practiced by the institution he or she may not be able to pay him or her visit to the care setting. Long Term Care (LTC), a new form of closed care system has gained popularity over the last few years. Though, it is no different from some of health care settings with frequent changes in the medical staff. Here again incomplete care takes front seat, with staying current on a number of issues becomes quite difficult. Since, elders require emotional support from hospital staff as well as family, these care settings makes recovery a little difficult. Lastly, it is imperative that people suffering from chronic disease such as Alzheimer's Dementia, mobility, and COPD have a consistent doctor and care team, as it will ensure the elder patient receive best-possible care at the hospital.

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on Nov 30,2015

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