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What’s wrong with elder care practice today?

It is not only children who require special attention and care; even elders need care and attention. Hence, families need to pay extra attention to the requirements of the elders at home. However, many families those are not able to spend considerable time to take care of the elders, opt for elder care settings or hospitals that can assist them with the care. But, not every elder care facility can offer elders the level of care that they require. These centers lack on various aspects of elder care practice. For instance, the personal relation with the caretakers and doctors is missing at most centers. This impacts the continuity of care, which is not good for the physical and mental health of the old. A primary reason for this under standard treatment is the over dependence of care centers on insurance companies and other financial institutions. Today, elder care has become a commercial affair. Decisions taken at these facilities are primarily focused on meeting the various policies of the insurance company. Hence, elders often are not given the treatment they require just because the insurance coverage does not cover it. Besides this, many a times the caretakers and medical attendants get changed abruptly, which makes it difficult to track the responsible of the attendants and even the old suffer because the new personnel is not well-versed about their condition. Sometimes, before being admitted to the center, the elderly has a good inter-personal relationship with a medical professional outside. However, due to work ethics of the institution, the professional is not be able to pay the elderly a visit. A bond between a patient and the caretaker is a vital cog in ensuring the patient receives the best treatment or care. To battle these shortcomings of elder care, Long Term Care (LTC), which is a new form of the closed care system has gained popularity. Although, it is similar to health care settings, as frequent changes in the medical staff and inadequate care takes the front seat. It is crucial that elderly’s who suffer from common ailments during this stage of their life such as Alzheimer's Dementia, Mobility, and COPD receive constant care. Also, they require the same doctor and care team to get the best-possible care; however, this is not to be found everywhere.

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on Dec 24,2015

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