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How can elder care improve?

Proper attention and care are two essentials to ensure that elderly are fit and healthy. However, in the on-the-move lives that we live today, not everyone can invest time to assure health and fitness of old individuals at home. This is why many opt to keep them in health care and elder care centers. The elder care centers are well-equipped, where many seniors can stay and get best-in-class care. With the rise in popularity of elder care centers, the population in care homes has only increased, which has undoubtedly impacted the level of care offered there. This downfall in service is visible as these centers now lack on various aspects of elder care ranging from medication to senior assistance with daily routine. Moreover, the in-personal or human touch between the doctors and the seniors is mostly missing. This missing link affects the level of care and even impacts the physical and mental health of the seniors staying there. Other reasons for the decline in the standards are seeing elder care as a lucrative business and over-reliance on insurance companies, which influences the decision-making at the care center as the steps are taken as per the guidelines and policies of the insurance companies. Also, often the team of caretakers and medical attendants is shuffled abruptly, which impacts the health of the senior because many times the new medical attendants are not briefed about the conditions of the seniors. But, there are ways to improve these shortfalls in elder care settings. The primary thing to implement is assigning a definite team of caretakers because it will help in building of a bond between the senior and the wardens, which will ensure that the elderly receives the best care at the facility. Moreover, the care center need to be flexible with the care and treatment provided to the individuals and not comprehend every time with the insurance companies. Families can do their bit as well. They must aim to provide Long Term Care (LTC) to the seniors, which is a new form of the closed care system that is fast gaining popularity. LTC promises to overcome the shortcomings of elder care facilities. It is vital for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's Dementia, Mobility, COPD, and other ailments receive constant attention. Thus, the elder care facilities should now focus on the continuity of the care and aim to develop personal touch between medical professionals and their patients (elderly’s).

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on Mar 30,2016

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