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Residential Care Home – Description

Residential Care Homes (RCH) are private, single-family Residential Homes. They have a maximum of 10 residents and 1-3 caregivers/staff that provide family-like care and services to the residents who reside there. Many Residential Care Homes offer private and shared rooms. When most people think of home they think of their family sitting around the kitchen table talking about the day’s events or everyone sitting in the Family Room watching their favorite TV show. This is the feeling you get at a Residential Care Home. Residential Care Homes are a stark contrast to the large Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) which usually are very well appointed and have a Hotel-Like feel, but lack the family feeling a small Residential Care Home provides. Large Assisted living facilities can service 50-150 residents with only 1-3 caregivers providing care services. They cater more to independent seniors who have the ability to manage and coordinate their own affairs.
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