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Check Out This Facebook Tutorial.

Special Topics and Article Reviews. In launching our Facebook page we came across essential reading for all who use Facebook. Privacy and unintended sharing has devastating consequences to the user, you, and the person you are posting about when that information is read by an unintended person. This free Facebook tutorial is very easy to use, complete, and interactive.  As an educator I was impressed and wanted to share it to all.  While we want everyone to "like" our FB page,   We want everyone to protect themselves and the others they are posting about   Seniors in all care settings need to be stimulated to goout, do what they can and learn.  Indeed, Learning and activity are the best treatment for Dementia Care, Memory Care and Alzheimer's Care.  Seek Assisted Living and Senior Living Care settings where the staff and management will work with you to do joint activities at your speed.   Thanks for reading this post .  If you liked this post please help us by sharing the message of Care, Caring, and Continuity of Care by likeing, friending, and following our works on Facebook     (tlcsr.kerrymcgivney), Twitter ( TLCSRLasVegas), Youtube (TLCSRLV),  Joining our Email List and this Blog, and sending this to any sons, daughters, or seniors you know. Here are links to make it easy! Like Our FaceBook Page: Friend Us On FaceBook: Follow us on Twitter: Like our videos on Youtube: Join our Free Blog and Email List:   Contact: Shawn McGivney MD, RFA  

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