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Assisted Living Suburbs

Assisted Living Suburbs

Demographics suggest that as people age, they tend to stay where they are. the move towards Assisted Living Suburbs is on the rise. Boomers might have moved into the city for a while to feel their oats, go to college or sample the nightlife. But typically, they moved back to the suburbs when they had kids and pretty much stayed there. And now, because boomers are such a big group, the senior population is set to surge.

“I hope I die before I get old”

Boomers are expected to live longer and retire later than earlier generations. But they also have higher rates of chronic disease and don’t have the retirement savings their parents did. Many members of the generation that sang “I hope I die before I get old” have not planned for old age.

Some scary stats

More than one in four households age 55 to 64 has no retirement savings from a 401(k), an IRA or a pension, a recent federal report found. Their median net worth is about $9,000 and 91 percent of them have less than $25,000 in financial assets.

Assisted Living Suburbs, Costs to stay

Retirees who want to stay in the suburbs will have to cover the rising costs of property taxes and utilities and they may have to shell out big sums to retrofit their homes if they become frail or disabled. One study found that it can cost $800 to $1,200 to widen a doorway to accommodate a wheelchair, $1,600 to $3,200 for a ramp, and up to $12,000 for a stair lift. Major remodeling, such as adding first-floor bedrooms or bathrooms, can cost much more. Some will sell their suburban homes and move into hip urban downtown, but they are an affluent, niche market and rare indeed.


The decision to stay and age in place or move is a difficult one, especially given the above-mentioned statistics. One may choose to stay in the suburbs if the home is built for one’s needs or modifications are within one’s means. Others may choose a retirement community. Yet others with special health and mobility needs may require an assisted living option. In any case, while the aged population is on the rise, so are the options for them. State and federal regulations are currently under review and we look for positive changes on the horizon. For the latest on  Assisted Living in the Suburbs, stay tuned in here by liking and sharing.    

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10 Things Assisted Living Homes wont tell you!

10 Things Assisted Living Homes wont tell you!!  Smart money tells you what to watch out for when dealing with an Assisted Living Sales Person. We generally take a more postive view and talk about focusing on continuity of care and complete care but felt this was right on and wanted to share it. We especially note how seniors and their families are mislead by their views that they need only a little help and avoidance of the fact that they will need much more care in the very near future if they need any assistance today. If they dont need assistance and there is no reason they are looking for an “assisted” care setting then one might ask why are you looking?  What we see is the Assisted Living sales force promising what other caregivers will do for them.  However, the details of there are 3 caregivers covering 50 residents in a large area is a detail that is missed. Smart money notes that Assisted Living is a short term fix.  That is because they cost alot for the limited care they provide and when the increased care needs come many are forced to move.  Also in general Assisted Living has 1 administrator in charge of 150 sick people.  Common Sense tells us that the level of direct protective supervision might be in question. Assisted living and home care generally are the lowest values for senior care dollars. They prey on a seniors desire to remain indepenent and young and falsely advertise that they can keep them living at home or in a hotel type care settings. Those are just not reasonable assumptions. Seniors need to be cautious of all care settings and spend time looking for continuity of care. Read the 10 Things Assisted Living Homes wont tell you by smartmoney and let us know which ones you like or add your own.


How do you balance cost and value? While reducing staff helps the businesses bottom Reducing-staff-helps-the-bottom-line line is that helping you get the most care, best care, and continuity of care you want?

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