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Senior Care Las Vegas, Malpractice suits GUARENTEE you will be hurt! Find Safe Las Vegas Senior Care


I came across a very misleading article in Forbes.


10 Things you want to know about medical malpractice.


This is written by lawyers who want you to sue.  Their advice builds a law suit during care. That is absolutely not the way to get the best care. That is a way to guarantee you get less care, age faster, are less well, but are more likely to get paid for your resulting lifelong disability that will result.

You-get-hurt-lawyer-gets-paid Services-provided-by-people

Services are provided by people.  Value people the care team and doctor to get the best care and value Build a relationship with your care team.  That gets you better care and saves you money. Value the doctor as a friend.  That builds in many in-kind, multi-generational benefits. Work with your social systems and community to support local doctors who are community and  like minded and express a willingness to assume the old fashioned role of trusted, community, minded doctors instead of salaries, shift workers.


Forget the lawyer, Invest in the doctor or care team; make sure the doctor/care team are your friend! You choose the doctor, the Senior Care Setting, and you ultimately have to live with the results. Sure you can sell your health, ie accept the doctor, insurance, or care setting that gives you a new doctor every few visits or you can invest in one doctor that you know, your friends know, and your community also supports to help him remain in private practice and off of the salary support of various institutions.


Each person is partly to blame for their own lives and choices.  Choosing your care team and doctor are your choice.    Choosing the insurance is not choosing the doctor.  If you choose the insurance you are choosing the doctor but very indirectly and not in any meaningful way.  You don’t choose your wife, friends, or business partners that way.  You choose based on mutual respect, trust, long track record of behaviors, going out of your way for each other, etc.  If you value your doctor and accept seeing a different person every two days or two visits then each of those people or doctors will expect the same, only to see you twice. health-care-services-matterJust ask yourself how much do you trust a stranger who someone else assigns to your case and who you do not expect to see again and in turn that specialists or staffer does not expect to see you again?

Food for thought.  – “Needed” had a very broad definition.

I hope you all start to see it is who you are getting in health care or any service industry that matters most.   After you find a person you trust and who wants to trust you then you can discuss the many forms of compensation.  Indeed, trust and enjoying helping each other is a dollar free benefit both people get which is why that is the only cost effective way to get more care, better care, as an individual, community or society.

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HealthCare Blue Book – Does negotiating for the best price impact what you get in life, with your doctor, and Senior Care?

HealthCare Blue Book – Does negotiating for the best price impact what you get in life, with your doctor, and Senior Care?

We came across this interesting web site HealthCare Blue book and had these questions. www.healthcarebluebook.com

Office Visit, New Patient, Level 5

Are you buying a tangible item like a car where the items are designed to be exactly the same or are you buying an individual service for yourself knowing that you are one of a kind and have many unique parts to your physical, emotional, social and financial self?  Each 2014 Toyota Camry is made to be exactly the same and they strive for zero tolerance with six sigma efficiency and accuracy.  Are you the same as anyone else? http://www.healthcarebluebook.com/page_Results.aspx?id=222&dataset=MD&g=Office Visit, New Patient, Level 5 healtcare blue book visit $337 Look-beyond-cost Who-are-you-getting We believe you are an individual and need to value relationships in all recurring services you are buying including hair dresser, CPA, family lawyer, and doctor.  This web site seems to minimize the value of relationships, time, extra effort, and the many important human components to service which are earned through relationship building like trust, reliability, compassion and caring. Humans just can’t and don’t trust anyone on the first hand shake or as a new visit.  Do you feel the defense the public defender gives a poor criminal is generally the same as the defense a rich person gets from his highly paid legal team including the lawyer, private investigators, and ancillary staff? care-caring-relationships Medicine has morphed into valuing your chart more than your feelings which are dangerous.  We believe this type of web site to some degree promotes that.  Comment below to share your thought.

1-visit-vs-ongoing-caring  Humans-feelings-vs-cars     We had these questions.  (Comment below to share your questions)

Are you really negotiating with the doctor himself, the person who is personally guaranteeing their work, to take your calls at night, or are you negotiating with a multi-level business structure designed as a series of shell companies to reduce liability if something goes wrong? How does your doctor affect your private pay senior care choices if at all? What do they mean when all providers in the hospital, nursing home, Assisted Living say “ask your doctor” or your doctor ordered it? Do you feel like “your doctor” is your friend?

  Our favorite quote.

“If you treat the disease you win or lose but if you treat the person you win no matter what the outcome? “ What does the last part mean to you?  Comment below.

  How do you negotiate when the value of a visit for a complex, older patient, with multiple needs is $373? 

Look at the fair market price for a doctor’s visit – $373.  Then look at your Medicare eob and see the visit is $100 – 150. How can you pay the doctor more?  Good news you can build a working, extended, family and community relationship with one.  Doctors still value helping people, being valued and respected more than money in most cases if you take the time to do the required relationship building. Why are doctors leaving medicine so quickly?  Share your thoughts with us. Like this and share this to help all better value the relationships in their lives.

  Good news!  You can get more caring if you bundle!

Just like in a buffet you get a lot of food for the same price.  In the buffet they usually have other things around as value added to you and profit added to the provider. For example the casino buffet provides a great buffet and the drinks for $10-12 and you don’t have to gamble but can if you want to. If you value continuity of care and the individuals in your care team you can also get extra in-kind services.  The family, caregivers and doctor might do more; visit you in other care settings if they knew you, your social system, and community.  Indeed, that is how it used to be. The doctor was more than an employee and was compensated with respect, value by the patient and the patient’s social system. The doctor often took care of multiple generations in one family.  That loss of continuity of care, relationship building between individual patients and families and their doctors,  has resulted in loss of value for the global, national, and individual health care dollars. Imagine is you, your family, extended social circles grouped together to help a local doctor remain in private practice and off the employee roster of the insurance company?  How would that affect your duty to the doctor and his duty and expectations to you and your community?  That is what we hope to discuss here.   Dr Shawn McGivney Click for The Best, Most Cost Effective, Assisted Living and Senior Care Alternatives. Tender Loving Care Senior  Residence – http://tlcsr.com Or Tender Loving Care Senior Residence, Costa Brava  – http://costabrava.tlcsr.com Other Search topics: Assisted Living, Senior Care,  Home Care, Hospice Care, Residential Care, Senior Living, Nursing Home, Assisted Care, Continuity of Care, Elder Care, Adult Care, Las Vegas, Local, Call now, Visit us

Big Business First to Benefit From Obama Care! Is Obama a Closet Republican?


Who knew –a four way win. 

Big Business, Part time and uninsured American’s, Hospitals and Doctors and Society all win!


 Winner 1-Businesses save on benefits and workers comp. 

Read this Bloomberg article on how Home Depot is using Obama care to get care for their part time workers and saving millions in the process

Winner 2 -The part time and uninsured workers get care and care that can stay with them

even if they have several part time jobs and move around.  That is essential in the process of health care to see the same care team who can know you, your social system, and emotional health better than any new doctor or care team even if they have your old chart on the first visit; first, visits are first visits with or without a chart.  Yes, first visit with a chart is better than nothing but is that really the comparison we want to make?

Winner 3- Hospitals and Doctors benefit from not having to “eat” or write off the many uninsured, no pay claims, they get.  Winner 4– Society benefits in we can say we are really doing something for the 80% of Americans who work, make less than $20 / hr and support their fantastic families.  If we as a society can’t care enough to do a little like helping families and the people who do the work the rest of us “Administrator types”, “Managers”, and higher earners should be ashamed.  Red-White-Blue-ObamaSlide2

Also note, the first big benefit is to save businesses millions and keep their work forces healthy on the government costs.  Health care and workers comp expenses should decline and business profits should continue to rise.  Of note, Home Depot Stock rose 1.5 % today as Home Depot announced taking advantage of Obama care to cuts its costs and boost profits. Read more from Bloomberg News about how Home Depot is taking advantage of Obama Care and the Affordable care act!  Home Depot is moving 20, 000 part time employees off of their benefits and onto Affordable Care. Better for home depot workers to have a consistent helath care that stays with them in any job and BETTER FOR HOME DEPOT to save money on benefits.  Win-win.  Oh, also better for society to ensure hospitals and doctors get paid instead of relying on hospitals and doctors to “eat” the many no pay claims from uninsured people.    

Slide3How does this affect seniors?

All seniors have extended families and those families need to be healthy to help the seniors who came before them and this is a small step to providing that care.  Caregivers low paid, in families, senior family members who assume child care or senior care responsibilities are valuable to society’s function and building families and this helps them. The main benefit in my view to Obama-care is not preexisting coverage or covering the few who never had coverage but helping the many who have coverage to be sure they can have continuity of care and coverage.  If your insurance changes often you lose the most cost effective part of care, staying with one doctor for a long time. If you can’t do that the many in kind services that having a long standing doctor patient relationship provide will be lost and unnecessary duplicative services will continue.  Of course, I am happy to cover all too but I feel the benefits to all current insurance holders, hospitals, doctors, big businesses are undervalued and described.

 Value Continuity of Care and not continuity of your chart.

I have to say the effort to build a chart is VERY MISLEADING! DO NOT LET ANYONE SAY OR IMPLY YOU ARE YOUR CHART. Caring for the chart is not providing complete medical care or continuity of care.  Continuity of the chart is not continuity of care, the care team, individuals involved in the care.  Without continuity of the people, patients and care team, care, caring, and quality of care suffers.  You, society, get less value for their health care dollars.  Strive to know your doctor, value your doctor, and build a relationship as small local communities or groups with your doctor to get the best care and most cost effective care. A new doctor visit with any new doctor is not as good by far as seeing a doctor who knows you and whom you know.  Even if a “new” doctor has your chart that is a far cry from seeing the same doctor.  The chart is a very incomplete, partial, representative of who any of us are as individuals and people.  While it is a great way to reach the minimum legal standard of care for the system do not accept the minimum legal standard of care for you and your loved ones.  Value the doctor, one or a small group of doctors, in your community.  Please consider how you trust any new person and then how they trust you?  Trust is earned and is not reflected in the chart. Obama care is a small step in that direction for continuity of care. Shawn McGivney Like, Share, comment if you agree!

Dementia Care-Exercise, social interaction may trump meds for Dementia Care

I am glad that medicine is starting to study Dementia Care and emotional health and wellness as much as they are able

Many many not know that most studies SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE FEELINGS, SOCIAL INTERACTIONS AND WHAT DOCTORS CALL TRANSFERENCE.  I understand why they do so.  They do so to allow them to focus on variables they can monitor, understand, and quantify.  The problem is that feelings and humanisms, social interactions are way to complicated and multi facited to study.  Love, Hope, Feelings productive, needed, wanted and belonging while essential to humanism and feeling good are very hard to define and quantify.  We all can agree that a picture is worth 1000 words and feelings are invaluable.  Symblols help us to see but social experience, education, enviroment, social values and many other things are needed for each person to produce that unique invividual feeling.

Read this article and then read my comments on the post.  Do you see how one might use this good research to modify how they look for Assisted Living and Senior Care?

Novel Exercise Program May Trump Meds for Dementia Great article by Caroline Cassels  that confirms what common sense has told us for a long time. People, all people, have feelings, emotional needs, and being more attentive to them can help all people including people with Dementia Feel better.

At one level that is scarey.

That the science doctors think is complete, their studies, actually fail to include the most powerfull variables to feeling good and getting better where better is feeling betterI often think of the power of family when I recall the old women who one minute is crying in pain from a broken arm, total body arthritis, and bone mets and then just seconds later, has no pain and is smiling when she is offered the change to hold her 3rd great grand child.  Many doctors, social managers, think of the dollar cost and these physical things which is the biggest short coming in my mind for health care today.

A much brighter use of this study is that to feel your best, get the best care, you need to interact with people

That includes staff and other residents.  That is a type of medicine or treatment.  Take a friend out for lunch and you pay.  That might be a better value than the co pay on a pill for depression.   People, friendships, the search for independence are never ending and ongoing up until we die.  Read this article and hear the physical claims but also read betweent the lines to see if you see some of the things I see.

They talk about combining eastern and western therapies. 

I saw straight social dynamics.  We had them sit in a circle.  Circle to me is very group oriented and social.  Indeed, we do an exercise program at Tender Loivng Care Senior Residence every day in a circle.  Less for the exercise and more for the emotional and social benefit.  What you call it really does not matter but the fact is people need people to feel good.  The physial place matters much less than the people.  A second example is our email program at tlcsr.  We do that more for the family to feel connected than the senior with mild dementia.  Some may say that is a semantic difference but we believe those social sensitivity differences make a big difference in how the entire social system feel and deals with aging now and then their own againg in the future. Second, the author notes”the program focused on creating a “loving, nonjudgmental enviroment to promote postivie feelings and joy” and used music to enhance this effect.  I agree 100%.

What I was hearing is find the best caregivers and care team you can.  

Look for continuity of care to get the best care, and best value for any private senior care dollars.  Of course, we say repeatedly in this blog Continuity of Care  is the cure to the individual and global health care crisis and that includes Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care, and Memory care and ALL OTHER DISEASE LABELS YOU HAVE!

Quoting Patch adams again

“If you treat the disease you win or loose but if you treat the person you WIN NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME.!” Really look at the last part of that quote.  No matter what the outcome.  Seniors and all of us know we will die. Dying is not as scarey as being alone, abandonded, and shifted home, place, facility to facilty.  More accurately being shifted from one care team to the next!!  Being shifted away from the main care team, your family you have known for your entire life!  Look for a care team that can and will be able to stick with you, visit you, no matter where you go to get the best value and care possible as you age.  If you accept the sales pitch you did not look far enough.  Take the time to meet the entire care team from Doctor, Administrator, caregivers, med techs.  And ask if they interact with each other.  The more continuity of care in your broad based system the better you will feel and the more value you will get for THE SAME health care dollars. Summary dementia-careIn discussing these variations of interpretation though words and this blog I hope to raise awarness that all people, families, seniors and care teams need to value each other.  Realtionships, caring are a two way street.  Take the time to find the most continuity of care when ever anyone you love is forced by aging to need assistance and choose Dementia Care or any Senior Care Setting.  Not I did not say move. That focuses onthe physical place, instead use this post to focus on the care team and continuity of the people and care. Help us spread the word.  Click for Free Ways to help. It is up to you to make this viral!! Click for The Best, Most Cost Effective, Assisted Living and Senior Care Alternatives By Shawn McGivney

Continuity of Care the Cure for Health Care Crisis!

The article in the NYT’s Blog post “After Caregiving, Comfort in having helped” tells a common and I believe already well told story.  Senior Care, cargiving, dementia Care, Assisted Living and health care in general is difficult, expensive and getting worse every day.  AGREED! by Judith Graham. Lets move on to the answer!! CONTINUITY OF CARE IS THE CURE TO THE INDIVIDUAL AND GLOBAL HEALTH CARE CRISIS WE ALL FACE. After Caregiving, Comfort in Having Helped
  • Value people and they will provide many in-kind servcies and levels of compassion and effort you cant buy for dollars.
  • Value your doctor, your family, your friends and their extended soical systema and they will value and help you when you and yours needs it.
  • this cant be legislated but legislation can adjsut the playing field.  We have to act, we the people need to value continuity of care and our doctors.  Many do not know that all doctors get paid the same for an office visit.   Your doctor who knows you, does extra inkind service gets the same as the guy who you dont know who says call anohter specialist.  Second, did you know that specialists get paid much more than your doctor but specialists often say I can’t decide on treatment, accept responsiblity for you as a person, that is your doctors job.  Seems unfair to me.  paid less as pcp but expected to do socially the right thing.  I assue you doctors have feelings too.  It is less about the money and more about the value people plance or give to their doctor.
  • Senior Care settings, Assisted Living, Residential Care homes, hospitals  also delegate care.  I for one would be suspect of a place that says I want you to come but the people who work here are not my responsiblity.
  • Do not criticise the current system.  We all have allowed and fueled its growth.  The cure is still right here.  We need to value each other, people, our extended social systems to fix a problem that affects all today indirectly by affecting someone in our own extended social system right now and us tomorrow after an accident or expeceted medical issue, and 5-10 yrs from now when we age ourselves.
  • did you know we all get medicare!!  Yep, if you get hurt right now you get medicare disability.  There is so much you dont know and I cant do it all in one post.  If you invest in me, send comments, I can invest in continuing the discussion.
I am sure that the only way to fix the health care system, make it cost effective while still providing a high level of care is to value continuity of care.  Let me know what you think. Help us spread the word.  Click for Free Ways to help. Dr Shawn McGivney  

Your Choice-Big Assisted Living Institution or Small Residential Care Home.

Your Choice-Big, Assisted Living,  Institution or Small Residential Care Home. Feel the power of choosing!

Change is part of living! Feel Good that you took the time to look at several places and then made a choice instead of just accepting the first persons suggestion or suggestions of a person you may never see again.   Big Institutions like Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Home VS a Smaller, Single Family Home. While both Big and Small say they are Home-Like you have to decide how at home you feel in a small studio apt with a kitchenette VS a real house with a family of friends and the familiar set up you have lived in for your entire life. https://www.tlcsr.com/blog/assisted-living-institution Assisted Living or Nursing Home Institutional Hall Way Choose people over things when choosing Senior and Health Care.

https://www.tlcsr.com/blog/|assisted-living-house2 Food for Thought If the sales person promises work that will be done by someone else,  it is usually a good idea to meet the person who the sales person is promising for.   Health care, Senior Care are Personal Services and are not  sales of an inanimate object.  Services do require a relationship, social skills, and continuity of care.  Consider those when choosing any Health Care service including Assisted Senior Living Services.

Big Institutions like Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Home VS a Smaller, Single Family Home. While both Big and Small say they are Home-Like you have to decide how at home you feel in a small studio apt with a kitchenette VS a real house with a family of friends and the familiar set up you have lived in for your entire life. https://www.tlcsr.com/blog/|assisted-living-new-life                                https://www.tlcsr.com/blog/|assisted-living-wordhttps://www.tlcsr.com/blog/|assisted-living-change https://www.tlcsr.com/blog/|assisted-living-househttps://www.tlcsr.com/blog/|assisted-living-nursing-home-pichttps://www.tlcsr.com/blog/assisted-living-man-staring-out Nice furniture without a family of caregivers and other residents to interact with is a lonely place. Assistance, Care and Caring require a relationship for All people to feel needed and welcome. Take the time to find the best care team for you. Spend time meeting all the care team in any care setting. How do you feel when you think of living in a studio apartment with a kitchenette, the standard setting in a Big Assisted Living Facility? Compare that to how you feel when living in a house, like the house you have lived in for your entire life, with the same private room but now access to the “house”. Which makes you feel safer, better, happier, more independent, more involved in day to day life? https://www.tlcsr.com/blog/|assisted-living-house http:///www.tlcsr.com/blog/|assisted-living-med-home IN ALL CASES “THE CARE” IN ANY  SETTING OF ASSISTED LIVING, NURSING HOME OR A SINGLE FAMILY HOME CARE COMES FROM THE PEOPLE YOU CHOOSE TO ASSIST YOU IN THAT SETTING. While the idea of care in your old home is  a nice thought, consider  how likely it is that the caregiver takes over to some degree?  If you need assistance you might not be at your best, coordinating your care and that care giver.  Look for some management, with the in home care options, to ensure you will maintain as much control over your life as possible. We recall a quote from Patch in the movie Patch. If you treat the disease you win or loose but if you treat the person you win no matter what the outcome. Believe, trust in, and develop relationships with those who you now live with and who help you day in and day out as friends and caregivers. Senior Care and Health Care are services in any care setting Home Care, Hospital, Rehab, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Hospice care.  In all cases look beyond the furniture and the pills to see the care and people who are directly implementing the care and treatments.  For seniors cognitive care, depression, sense of loss, are present in all cases and one of the best treatments for that is to find the home like setting and family like staff. Help us spread the word.  Click for Free Ways to help. Click for The Best, Most Cost Effective, Assisted Living and Senior Care Alternatives Dr Shawn McGivney