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The first and most important thing to remember is what we call our Golden Rule: Meet as many of the people who will be providing the actual day to day care as possible. That’s right…. it is so important to meet the actual people who will be responsible for the care or assistance given, that includes the Administrator, Owner, Caregivers, Med techs, Doctors, Nurses, Kitchen staff and Cleaning staff etc. It is the people and staff that matter the most since they provide the services you get. The physical setting of the building is also something to consider, but the main focus should be on the people. It may sound overwhelming to ask to meet and speak to all these people, but if the facility makes it easy for you to meet and interact them in the beginning, then there is a very good chance you and your loved one will be able to have access to these people as time goes on. On the other hand, if it is difficult for the facility to coordinate between themselves and make themselves available to you from the first day, then that may be a good indicator that you and your loved one will continue to have a hard time finding people and getting things done when you really need them. Many facilities focus on their marketing and sales by focusing on all the luxury items, private rooms with private baths, hair salons, pools etc., but may say very little about what we believe you really need, want or desire… which is care, caring and continuity of care. Subscribe for free to comment and share your stories with us. We are an interactive blog and need feed back to illustrate and describe the many variations, choices, approaches, and outcomes to help other readers. Dr Shawn McGivney Free Ways To Help

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    [...] have done on the LVRJ article to help the discussion, understanding, and path to solutions grow. Our Golden Rule – Meet the entire care giving team from the top down to the direct care givers and Medication [...]

  • Sally Sal/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    I agree. how can you trust who will be giving the care to your loved one if you dont meet and ask them questions?? We would interview our babysitters for our children. Wouldnt we??

  • ageless test 062512/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    Ageless replying to my own comment to see if it works.

  • ageless test 062512/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    The Golden Rule is really Our Rule Rule. It is like do do unto others as you want them to do unto you. We want you know who you are working with beyond the sales person or supervisor you might rarely see or meet.

  • senior steve/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    Reply 6/17 to Dr McGivney good comment, any other ideas you can share

  • senior steve/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    Reply 6/17 to Dr McGivney I second that.

  • senior steve/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    senior steve 6/17/12 I thought the golden rule was love your neighbor as yourself.? This is related I guess. Meet the people who provide the care instead of loving the nice sofa or big flashy entrance to the building.

  • dr mcgivney/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    new comment. Dr McGivney We all make choices every day. Relationships generally provide the most feeling good but cost the most time to earn and build trust and feeling good. We all need to invest in each other to feel our best.

  • dr mcgivney/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    i agree

  • admin/ Jun 6, 2012- Reply

    admin-Health care is a service and requires people to provide and consume it. It is the people who give the product its quality. While things like nice sofa's, large pools, nice rooms and amenities are easier to see and appreciate when someone is living there it is the care and relationships with the staff, doctor, administrator and other residents that provides the feeling good and sense of living.

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