Things to consider Adult

Things to consider when choosing Adult Day Care

While Adult Day Care can be useful in some situations for family caregivers as a short term solution and to supplement the care provided by the family, there are limitations as a loved one’s care needs increase. Other care options that are more complete options at the same price point of $2-3,000 per month might include Residential Care Homes or Assisted Living Facilities. Adult Day Care Centers are generally only open Monday thru Friday during general business hours. This limits the family caregiver’s ability to get assistance in the evening and on the weekends. After working full time during the week and caring for their loved one after work and then on the weekends, it doesn’t allow much time for the caregiver to recharge and tend to their own personal life issues. It is wise to consider a more permanent long-term plan to accommodate your loved ones care needs, as it is almost certain the care needs will increase as time goes on thus increasing the strain and stress on the family caregiver. The cost of Adult Day Care is $75-$100 dollars per day or $2,500 for 5 days a week 8 hrs. a day. One could consider a Licensed Residential Care Home that provides 24 hr family style care and service with trained caregivers for a similar cost, giving the family a real opportunity to take time out for themselves and their own families.For example, if you had a room in a residential care home you could leave at night and it would be a better quality Adult Day Care experience. However, when or if you needed more care or wanted to stay over night you could. This is one way a Residential care home could substitute cost effectively for adult day care. You can still pick the senior up every day and take them home but you would have the choice to let them stay over night . That would be a very good way to transition to a more permanent care option and save money in the long run.
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